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When will my subscription(s) expire?

While your subscription is active, you can select any modules/issue from current and past year to complete, and the credits earned for your completion will be deducted from your account.

The “Account Overview” will display your subscription information while logged into your account. Details will be under “Subscription Plan” located on the top right side of the screen.

Each subscription of AnesthesiaFile provides 2 years within which to earn 60 credits (i.e., subscription expires after 2 years or once you have earned the maximum 60 credits, whichever occurs first).

Each subscription of PainFile provides 2 years within which to earn 40 credits (i.e., subscription expires after 2 years or once you have earned the maximum 40 credits, whichever occurs first). 


I already have an AnesthesiaFile subscription, and I need more credits now. Does Dannemiller provide anything else?

Yes!  Please go to and click on Dannemiller’s store (or click here) where you will be able to purchase any of the following:  

  • PainFile provides the opportunity to earn 40 credits over a two-year period; cost is $275.
  • Pain Review Course 2017 provides the opportunity to earn 48 credits; cost is $799.  
  • Individual PRC 2017 lectures provide the opportunity to earn from .75 to 1.50 credits per lecture; cost is $25 each.  
  • Updates on Pain Review (PRC 2022) provides the opportunity to earn 26.5 credits; cost is $599.  
  • Individual PRC 2022 lectures provide the opportunity to earn from .75 to 1.50 credits per lecture; cost is $25 each. 


How do I earn credits?

A passing score of 80% is required on the post-tests, which you will take after viewing each activity. Once you have passed a test, it becomes locked. After passing the post-test, the evaluation button will appear. You must complete both the post-test and evaluation in order to earn each credit.


Are there group rates?

Yes, we are pleased to offer group discount rates. A group is considered 5 or more subscribers to the same publication. Payments may be made with credit card, check or money order. For further details please contact us by phone at 1-800-328-2308 Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CT or visit our “Terms & Conditions” page for complete information, see specifically “Group Purchases.”

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Can I share my subscription with someone else?

No, each subscription is licensed to one specific user, and sharing is against our Viewer License Agreement and copyright protection laws. Fraudulent activity is reported to the accreditation bodies. (See our “Terms & Conditions” for complete information.)


What is the difference between PainFile and AnesthesiaFile?

PainFile is focused on topics in pain management with articles from leading medical journals.

AnesthesiaFile is focused on the trends and findings in the field of anesthesia. 

Both publications are clinically relevant to their prospective fields.


Do AnesthesiaFile/PainFile provide CMEs for Anesthesiology Assistants?

Yes.  Both qualify for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ under ACCME Joint Accreditation.


What is the difference between AnesthesiaFile Basic, Premium, and Pro?

  • AnesthesiaFile Basic consists of archived abstracts and the topics may include information and techniques already in practice: formatted into single-credit modules.
  • AnesthesiaFile Pro consists of abstracts covering new and emerging topics. Users have access to a downloadable PDF of each month’s content. (See sample here.) Monthly issue includes 3 credits plus 1 pharmacology/therapeutics credit. 
  • AnesthesiaFile Premium includes all the same features as AFile Pro above plus access to audio versions (APOD) of each anesthesia abstract. 


What is AnesthesiaPod (APOD)?

When you purchase AnesthesiaFile Premium, you gain access to the abstract recordings. To access these recordings, you must login to your AnesthesiaFile Premium account and click “Start Activity” for the desired issue. The recordings will be located at the top of each corresponding abstract. Audio can be streamed as individual tracks of each abstract or as a month-long release of all 30 abstracts online. Please note that a post-test and evaluation will still have to be completed online to obtain credit.


Can I get a printed version of the Abstracts?

AnesthesiaFile Pro/Premium users can: 

1.Go to “Your Activities” 


2. Select “AnesthesiaFile.”


3.Click the “Download” icon for the PDF version of AnesthesiaFile Pro/Premium subscription. This is a complete “magazine” style, full-color look with Table of Contents, each abstract on a single page, and the post-test questions and answer choices. (See sample here.)


Does AnesthesiaFile offer pharmacology credits?

Yes, AFile Pro and AFile Premium include Pharmacology/Therapeutics credit; each completed monthly issue provides 3.0 credits plus 1.0 Pharmacology/Therapeutics Credit.

AnesthesiaFile Basic subscriptions do not include Pharmacology Credit. With AFile Basic, if three or more modules are completed within the same Activity Year (i.e. 2019, 2020) upon request, a pharmacology letter of certification can be prepared and emailed to the subscriber for a fee of $30.

To request a pharmacology letter of certification, you must call 1-800-328-2308 during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM CT. At that time, your credits will be verified, and credit card information obtained; you will then receive you letter via email within 2 business days.


Can I get a printed version of the Abstracts?

Yes. PainFile users can:

1. Go to “Your Activities” 

2. Select “PainFile.” 

3. Click on “Start Activity”

4. In the upper right-hand of the screen click the dotted square icon

5. Then select the “Print” button.


Does a PainFile subscription include pharmacology credit?

No. PainFile does not include pharmacology credit. However, if you require Pharmacology credit, please consider subscribing to AnesthesiaFile (AFile) Pro or Premium.


Is it possible to purchase at the same time more than one subscription of the same product?

Yes. Please call us at Dannemiller at 1-800-328-2308 Monday - Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CT, so that we may assist you with this process and confirm the total number of credits and expiration date.


What happens if I purchase another subscription of the same product before my current subscription expires?

Please call Dannemiller at 1-800-328-2308 Monday - Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CT, so that we may assist you and confirm the total number of credits and expiration date.


I had an AnesthesiaFile Basic subscription and recently purchased an AnesthesiaFile Pro/Premium subscription (or vice versa). Where do I find the activities for my new subscription?

Log in to your Dannemiller account and click on YOUR ACTIVITIES from the drop-down menu; then click on AnesthesiaFile in the blue rectangle.  At the top of the page, select AFile Basic or AFile Pro to access the desired activities.